Tractor Mounted Cement Mixer

The model 320 cement mixer mounts on your tractor's three point hitch, and is powered by the tractor's 540 rpm pto. This is a high quality cement mixer that can save you time and money by letting you mix your own cement on site, whenever you want, and letting you easily transport it anywhere on site that your tractor will go. The cement mixer rotates continuously, mixes completely, and empties clean with its own hydraulic to link cylinder. This mixer is recommended for mounting on standard sized tractors approximately 30 hp and larger.

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Tractor Mounted Cement Mixer   Tractor Mounted Cement Mixer
  • Features/Specifications

  • Mounts: on category 1, three point hitches

  • Tractor Size: We recommend mounting this on landscape and agricultural/farm tractors from 30 hp on up

  • Tub: Rolled from two pieces of 12 gauge steel plate, and bolted together

  • Capacity: Maximum tub volume is 11.3 cubic ft. (320 litres), effective mixing volume is 5 cubic feet. (1/6 cubic yard). Will mix 1 bag of cement plus aggregate.

  • Weight: Weight of mixer empty is 253 lbs.. The total weight on your tractor with the mixer fully loaded will be approximately 700 lbs.

  • Dimensions Model 320 Mixer
  • Tub Dimensions: 32 inches long (deep) x 32 inches in diameter, opening is 17 inches in diameter

  • May not mount on tractors less than 25 or 30 hp and is NOT recommended on sub-compact tractors. If you are unsure whether this will work on your tractor, use the dimensions above to see if it will fit on your tractor.

  • Please Note: The diameter at the largest point of the mixer drum is 32 inches. As the photos show, this mixer mounts only about 3 inches ahead of the points where the lower hitch arms mount. When this is tilted upwards in the mixing position, approximately 1/2 the diameter or at least 16 inches will come back between your wheels. You need to have at least that much space back from the end of your lower hitch arms clearance, and more than 32 inches between your wheels or the inside of your fenders to use this mixer, depending upon the length of your hitch arms and the design of your tractor. In the photos above, you can see the tractor we have this mounted on has an open design on the back of the tractor, allowing the mixer to extend back behind the tractor so there are no clearance issues.

  • PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU MOUNT THIS ON A TRACTOR LESS THAN 30 HP, AND THERE IS A DRIVE TRAIN COMPONENT FAILURE, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT A WARRANTY CLAIM FOR THOSE PARTS. If you have a smaller tractor and the measurements above are within the above limits, then you won't have a problem. During operation, regardless of the size of tractor, when positioning the mixer at either the highest or lowest hitch positions, make sure you do not exceed a pto angle of 35 degrees (recommended by manufacturer).

  • Mixer is designed for tractors with a category 1 three point hitch, and a 540 rpm pto. Requires 1 auxilary hydraulic pressure port to connect 1 hose (one-way cylinder used for top link to incline mixer).

  • Mixer tub is constructed from two pieces of rolled 12 gauge steel plate, and bolted together

  • Loading: The mixer tub has an 17 inch diameter opening for fast loading of materials

  • Mixing: Three mixing paddles and tub design give uniform mixing even when tipping

  • Construction: The frame uses a pressed and ribbed design making it compact and strong

  • Rotation: the mixer has a shielded pto drive and 10 to 1 reduction through high test chain sprocket reduction drive behind the tub, and protected by steel shield and frame support; the shafts mount on ball bearings

  • Finish: The expoxy paint baked finish protects against rust and corrosion

  • Dumping: Comes complete with top link hydraulic cylinder and hose

  • Operation: One way cylinder pulls the mixer into up right position for loading and mixing. Releasing pressure on lets weight of mixer pull it downward for dumping.

  • Power: Comes with adjustable length pto shaft, is designed for tractors from 30 hp and up with 540 rpm pto's

  • Tractor Mounted Cement Mixer   Mixer In Dumping Position

  • Model 320: 3 point hitch mount, pto powered cement mixer, ASSEMBLY REQUIRED weight is approximately 253 lbs. empty - Price is $1465.00 delivered (price includes shipping to commercial and residential addresses with normal delivery access in the U.S. 48 states, locations in Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the U.S. require additional shipping), shipped by truck

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