Model 3500 Tractor Mounted Stump Grinder

The Model 3500 stumper Tractor Mounted Stump Grinder is one of the largest tractor mounted stump grinders available. The model 3500 stump grinder is fast - take up to a 12 inch cut in each pass, and go a maximum depth of 24 inches, remove material at a speed of 1 cubic ft. per minute.

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Stumper 3500 Tractor Mounted Stump Grinder

Stumper 3500 Tractor Mounted Stump Grinder

The unit pivots left to right allowing you to swing 6 ft. wide before having to move the tractor. The model 3500 stump grinder operates differently from most stump cutters as the large 37 inch cutting wheel is oriented perpendicular to the stump to be cut. The blade is tipped upward and dropped behind the stump; as you are cutting, you pivot the blade in towards you, cutting the stump in an arc. This cutting method produces a round bottom hole, perfect for transplanting trees with rootballs attached.

The unit is easy to use: it is pto powered from your tractor's 540 rpm pto; there is no gearbox, the wheel is direct drive from the pto shaft to the tractor; with less moving parts there is less maintenance with fewer breakdowns. The specially designed cutting wheel enables the model 3500 to operate without outriggers. The 3500 stump cutter is fast, economical, and user friendly, the result of over a quarter century of experience in the stump grinding industry.