Add-A-Grapple Bucket Mounted Grapple Attachment

The Add-A-Grapple Bucket Grapple is an add-on grapple designed to fit a variety of applications including: utility and compact tractors with buckets from 60 to 79 inches (single or double model); contractor add-a-grapple model for farm tractors, backhoes, and large volume buckets from 68 to 90 inches wide, and for buckets up to 96 inches; single grapple model for standard size skid steer loaders with buckets from 68 to 90 inches; and a single grapple model for mini-skid steer buckets from 36 to 55 inches wide. The Add-A-Grapple attaches to your existing bucket by bolting a mounting plate to each side of your bucket, with the rest of the frame and grapple being easily removed by pulling 2 hitch pins. The curved grapple teeth are designed for a wide grip and easy release.

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Add-A-Grapple Bolt-On Grapple Accessory

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